Training Centre

Big Challenges. Need. Great people.

The TOTA Training Centre will prepare participants to work in various tourism and hospitality positions in the Thompson Okanagan region with a focus on serving domestic markets in traditional employment and/or self-employment. Program participants will receive instruction, mentorship, employment coaching, job placement support, and more.

Virtual Classrooms

Participants will come together in a virtual classroom, facilitated by a diverse roster of experienced tourism instructors.

Build Strong Industry Networks

The Blend of Live Online Learning Sessions and Self-Led Online Industry Certificates will rapidly cover many topics of the changing landscape of the tourism industry, with guests speakers and virtual tours to connect participants directly to the Thompson Okanagan tourism industry.

Learn & Implement

The Program will involve Participant Teamwork and culminate in demonstration of learning to a panel of tourism experts, as well as an online Job Fair. This approach combines Practical skills with Specialized knowledge and connects students to Industry Employers in the Thompson Okanagan tourism region.

Meet Our Team

Ellen Walker Matthews

Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association (TOTA)

Dr. Brent Mainprize

Facilitator UVIC/Gustavson School of Business

Christian Van Buskirk

Facilitator UVIC/Gustavson School of Business

Avril Matthews

Tourism Skills Training Course Developer

Barbara Bonnough

Tourism Skills Training Program Lead

Chelsea McGonigal

Communications & Training Coordinator

Kavan Kumar

Tech Support- TOTA Training Center
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